Department of IHBT


Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Kolar and R.L. Jalappa Medical Hospital and Research Centre. The new Central Diagnostic Laboratory Services is situated in the first floor of the new building attached to R.L Jalappa Hospital & research center has a floor area of 7300 sq ft. and common collection center and report dispatch counterare situated on the ground floor of OPD block. A host of well qualified and experienced laboratory technologists, administrative and support personnel help us in the smooth running of the laboratory 24x7. Today R.LJalappa hospital & Research Center caters a wide range of laboratory investigations to satisfy the needs of the users.

Quality Objectives
  • Ensure safety of blood products by focusing on complete transfusion chain (vein to vein) through appropriate selection of donors, collection, processing, testing, component preparation, storage of blood units, distribution to end users and follow up of the patient.
  • Commitment to good professional practice and performance.
  • Education and training of blood center personnel.
  • To establish internal quality assurance program and participation in external quality assurance program.
  • Establishment of quality management system with a commitment to continuous quality improvement and get accredited.
Quality Policy

Blood Centre at R.L Jalappa Hospital & Research Centre ensures quality in all paths of blood banking. Institution with the support of management, trained and qualified personnel are committed to provide quality standards of services and provision of superior quality blood and components to the end users at right time and right quantities.
We are committed to continuous quality improvement of our policy, process, performance, implementation and maintenance of a structured quality management system in accordance with the regulatory authorities.

Facility Provided
  • Donor motivation & Donor counseling
  • Donor recruitment
  • Donor Blood collection both in house and outdoor camps
  • Blood group serology – ABO /RH for Patient/Donor
  • Blood Quarantine & Blood Storage
  • Pre transfusion testing
  • Screening for Transfusion Transmitted Infections for Blood donors
  • Therapeutic Phlebotomy
  • Issue of Blood
  • Quality Management
  • Participation in EQAS
Awards And Achivements