Medical Education Unit


The Medical Education Unit (MEU) was established in 1997 as per the directions of Medical Council of India. MEU formulates calendar of events of its own for each year reflecting the medical education activities spread throughout the year to train the medical teachers in and conduct orientation courses for students.

  • To train faculty in Competency Based Medical Education and AETCOM
  • To train faculty in teaching, learning and assessment methods
  • To orient post-graduate students towards teaching learning methodology & work place-based assessments
  • To orient medical students towards medical education
  • To encourage faculty to conduct research in medical education
Sl no Name Designation & Department
1 Dr. Prabhakar K   Chairman/ Principal &
Professor, Department of Medicine, SDUMC  
2. Dr. T N Suresh   MEU Coordinator & Professor & HoD, of Pathology SDUMC  
1 Dr. Vinutha Shankar M.S   Vice-Principal /Professor, Department of Physiology, SDUMC  
2 Dr. Sarala.N     Professor & HoD, Department of Pharmacology, SDUMC
3 Dr. Prasanna Kamath B T     Professor & HoD,
Department of Community Medicine, SDUMC
4 Dr. Sudha Reddy V R   Professor & HoD,
Department of Pediatrics  
5 Dr. Geetha S   Professor, of Physiology,  
6 Dr.Mohan Reddy M     Professor & HoD,
Department of Psychiatry,  
7 Dr. Srinivasa S V   Professor, Department of Medicine,  
8 Dr. Hemalatha A   Professor,of Pathology  
9 Dr.Parimala S   Professor of Microbiology
10 Dr.Arun H S   Professor, of Orthopaedics  
11 Dr.Vimarshitha P   Associate Professor, Department of OBG SDUMC

Members of Curriculum Committee
Sl no Name Designation & Department
1. Dr. Prabhakar K Principal & Prof. of Medicine   Chairman
2 Dr. Ashwini K Shetty Prof. of Physiology (Preclinical)   Member
3 Dr. Muninarayana C Prof. of Community Medicine (Paraclinical Specialty)   Member
4 Dr.K.N.V.Prasad Prof. of Paediatrics (Medicine & Allied Specialty)   Member
5 Dr.Anitha A Associate Professor of Medicine (Medicine & Allied Specialty)   Member
6 Dr.Shashirekha C A Professor of General Surgery (Surgery & Allied Specialty)   Member
7 Dr.Rashmi G Associate Professor of Ophthalmology (Surgery & Allied Specialty)   Member
8 Dr. T N Suresh Professor of Pathology& MEU Co-ordinator   Member Secretary  
9 Ms.Greeshma B T 3rd MBBS student Member  

Activities of MEU
Members of MEU Committee

Sitting L to R :Dr.K.N.V.Prasad, Dr. T N Suresh, Dr. Muninarayana C, Dr.K.Prabhakar, Dr.Vinutha Shankar M S, Dr. Sarala N & Dr.Sudha Reddy V R
Standing L to R: Dr. Prasanna Kamath B T, Dr. Geetha S, Dr.Shashirekha C A, Dr. Anitha A & Dr. M Mohan Reddy