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Vitamin D Binding Protie: A Fidelity Molecule in Spectra of Diseases 

Bhuneshwar Yadav 

Shashidhar KN

Harish R

 SaiDeepika R

JCDR .2021;15(6):BE07-BE12.


A Cross-sectional Study on Vitamin D Status in patients with Diabetic Neprhopathy.

Bhuneshwar Yadav 

Shashidhar KN

Raveesha A Muninarayana C

J Krishna Inst Med Sci Univ 2021;10(2):100-109.


Assessment of Cystatin C and microalbumin as biomarkers forneprhopathy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

BhuneshwarYadv Shashidhar KN

Raveesha A

Muninarayana C

J Evolution Med Dent Sci 2021;10(25):1866-1870, DIO:10.14260/jemds/20212/386


Estimation of Fluoride and Sirtuin 1 in Patients with Diabetic Nephopthy in Kolar District of Karnataka , India.

R Sai Deepika

KN Shashidhar A Raveesha

C Muninarayana 

J Lab Physicians.DOI


A cross- sectional study of serum and urine  fluoride in diabetes in fluoride exposed population

Sai Deepika R

Shashidhar KN

Raveesha A

Muninarayana C

J Evoluation Med Sci 2021;10(11):798-802.


Quantitative Assessment of Interleukin-6 and Ferritin Levels and its Clinical Correlation among COVID-19 Patiens.

Susanna TY, Preethi Rathnasapath 

MP Sujatha SMAzeem Mohiyuddin Ravishankar Suryanarayan

Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2021;15(5):BC01-BC04.


Editorial: COVID-19 and Liver dysfunction

Shashidhar KN

Harish R

Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences. 2021; 11(2): 44-46


A Cross Sectional study of serum levels of serum levels of Zin, Copper and Megnisium in T2DM in South Indian Urban Population 

HU Hemanth Gowda

Harish R

Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2021; 15(1):BC09-BC12.


The Utility of Serum bilirubin as a marksr in Acute Abdomen 

PN Sreeramulu Shashidhar KN

Varsha A

International Journal of Scientific Research 2021;10(7):16-17


Phytochemical Distribution , antimicrobial activity, enzyme production of phylogeneticaly differentiated endophytes from Solanum violaceum Ortega fruits

Manasa AP 

Moutusi S Deena Mendez Kiranmayee  Prasanna Kumar MK

Current research in Environmental and Applied Mycology. 2021; 11 (1):210-229


Maternal Serum Apelin 13 and APLN gene promoter variant – 1860T   > C in preeclampsia

Rajeev Gandham

CD Dayanand 

SR Sheela  

P Kiranmayee

2021 Jan 17;1-9. doi:10.1080/14767058.2021.1874341.


Apelin 13 & Blood preasure, Is there any Association in Pre- eclampsia? – Acase – control study 

Rajeev Gandham 

CD Dayanand 

SR Sheela 

Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, 2021 Jan, Vol-15(1):BC01-BC04


Chronic Fluorosis- A Disease of concern

Deena Mendez

Shashidhar KN

International Journal of Current Research and Review. 2021;13(17):30-36.


Evaluation of Oxidative Stress Parameters and Lipid Profile in Diabetic Nephropathy Patients 

Bhuneshwar Yadav ShashidharK Raveesha A Muninarayana C

International Journal of Current Research and Review. 2021;13(17):51-55.