National Education 2022
Department of Community Medicine
Workshop | Year - 2019-20 | 31 Jan, 2024

Education is a powerful tool that transforms society and higher education is this a more powerful weapon. To be on the right path in being associated with this process faculty in higher education institutes have to be equipped with skills to empower them to deliver their duties. This webinar is organised to facilitate the task of creating faculty competent in educational technology.

Organising Team

Organising chairman:
Dr. Vinutha Shankar MS

Organising secretary:
Mr. Lokheshwar. S

Committee Members:
Dr. Sarala N.

Dr. KNV Prasad

Dr. Subashish Das
Dr. Ashwini K.Shetty
Dr. Usha Shenoy

Technical Committee
Mr. Naveen Kumar. I

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