Consultancy projects-Ph.D. Thesis

MD/MS Dissertations / Ph.D. Thesis

Completed PhD Thesis Projects under Faculty of Medicine: 10

Project Title 

Name of the Supervisor

Name of the Scholar 

Studies on Proteases of Pathogenic bacteria with special emphasis on elastase and natural anti elastase

Dr. AVM Kutty

Dr. Deena Mendez

Studies on serum elastase and elastase inhibitor levels in infectious and non-infectious diseases

Dr. AVM Kutty

Dr. Mamatha Kunder

A study on evaluation of Oxidative Stress with special emphasis to Xanthine oxidase activity, Antioxidants and plasma human Neutrophil Elastase

Dr. Dayanand CD

Dr. Vanishree B

Biomarkers and Oxidative Stress Parameters in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Acute Kidney Injury

Dr. Shashidhar K N

Dr. Munilakshmi U

A correlative study of advanced biomarker: Kalistatin with conventional and oxidative markers in cirrhosis of Liver

Dr. Shashidhar K N

Dr. Krishna Sumanth

Study on evaluation of oxidative stress index, plasma placental proteins and their implication on vascular endothelial dysfunction in Preeclampsia

Dr. Dayanand CD

Dr. Ranjitha G

Circulating Angiogenic, oxidative stress markers and their association with endothelial function in normal pregnant and Preeclamptic women 

Dr. Dayanand CD

Dr. Rajiv gandham

Estimation of Fluoride and Sirtuin1 in Patents with Diabetic Nephropathy in Kolar, Karnataka, India

Dr. Shashidhar K N

Dr. Sai Deepika

Association of Vitamin D binding protein in Diabetic Nephropathy: A cross sectional analytical study 

Dr. Shashidhar K N

Dr. Bhuneshwar Yadav

Spexin as a novel biomarker and its relation with cardiometabolic parameters in metabolic syndrome

Dr. Dayanand CD

Dr. Tejaswi gowdu