Alumni Association of Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College is vibrant body which has responsibility of Serving the society and Medical Profession by the old students who have graduated from this Alma Mater. The Association actively recognize & honours Doctors and Medical College Teachers annually for their meritorious work in the Medical Field. Career guidance programme, Social activities like providing equipment’s & Instruments to School Children & Hospital and carrying out Health camps at various places in Kolar & Chikkaballapur District.

Alumni Committee, Old Students Association Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College , Kolar
Sl no Name Designation
01 Dr. Prabhakar. K President
02 Dr. Shashidhar. K Vice President
03 Dr. Vinay Babu Secretary
04 Dr. Antiha A Joint Secretary
05 Dr. Praveen Kumar B A Joint Secretary
06 Dr. Muninarayana C Treasurer
07 Dr. Raveesha A Member
08 Dr. Dinesh K Member
09 Dr. Suresh T N Member
10 Dr. Anitha D Member
11 Dr. Sunil B N Member
12 Dr. Vishwas S Member
13 Dr. Raj Kumar Member
14 Dr. Srinivas Reddy Member


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Dr Jagadamba
Professor & HoD,
Department of Physiology,
As a student, my time at Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Kolar, has been transformative. The comprehensive curriculum, coupled with hands-on clinical experiences, has equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful medical career. The supportive faculty not only imparts academic wisdom but also guide us towards becoming compassionate healthcare providers. SDUMC's emphasis on research and community engagement has broadened my perspective. As an undergraduate and postgraduate student of SDUMC, I am proud to be part of this esteemed institution that not only nurtures academic excellence but also fosters personal growth and a sense of social responsibility.
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Dr. Santhosh Olety
MBBS 1993 to 1999
For a person to become a productive doctor and contribute to the society,  they have to pass through many temples of knowledge.SDUMC was my first temple in that regard. I also believe that you don't always get the best things always in life, but make the best out of things that are available.  This is exactly my experience at SDUMC. I came out with lot of sweet memories and the institution helped me to create the pathway to my professional career. My pranams and gratitude to all of them there (teachers, administrative and management staff) who have contributed in different ways in my life. I am sure my college has grown big with so many facilities added over the years and continues to provide a standard platform for creating the best professionals in the field. My wishes to all SDUMC students.
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Dr. Padmini Thalanjeri
Engaging in postgraduate studies in medical physiology at SDUMC, Kolar has been a dynamic and enriching learning experience. The curriculum's emphasis on bridging theoretical concepts with practical applications has deepened my understanding of the intricate workings of the human body. Laboratory sessions have been instrumental in reinforcing theoretical knowledge, allowing me to apply principles learned in lectures to real-world scenarios. Hands-on experiments, coupled with advanced technology, have facilitated a comprehensive exploration of physiological mechanisms.
Alumni | Year - 2022 23

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