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Dr Shilpa MD

Associate Professor

Academic Qualifications: MBBS, MD

SL NO Degree Specialization Institute Year of passing
1 MBBS - Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Kolar 2009
2 MD Pathology MVJ Medical College & Research Hospital 2014

Additional qualifications / training

  • Completed e-learning course conducted by MEU group India
  • Completed BCBR training
  • Completed NABL internal auditor training ISO15189-2022


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
MVJ Medical College Asst. Prof Teaching, Clinical. Research, laboratory 16th July 2014 -12th January 2015
SDUMC Asst. Prof Teaching, Clinical. Research, laboratory 16th January 2015-30th September 2022
SDUMC Assoc. Prof. Teaching, Clinical. Research, laboratory 1st October 2022- till date


  • Teaching Pathology to the undergraduate students of 2nd year MBBS and MD postgraduates.
  • Teaching MSc MLT, BSc students and 2nd year Nursing students
  • Helping the postgraduate both MD pathology & MSc MLT students in their thesis as a Guide & co-guide.
  • Mentoring the students as a teacher guardian.
  • Working as Department Registrar
  • Working as an Deputy technical manager in Central diagnostic laboratory services for NABL accreditation
  • Research & Innovation Core committee member
  • Institutional Ethics committee member
  • Library Committee member


Name of project List of researchers ongoing / completed Funded / Non funded Funding agency Funds sanctioned
Expression of Programmed death – Ligand 1 (PD-L1) in Invasive breast carcinoma and its association with clinicopathological parameters – A Cross Sectional Study. Dr Shilpa MD, Dr Kalyani R, Dr PN Sreeramulu Ongoing Funded SDUAHER Rs 2,00,000


  • Breast Pathology
  • Cytopathology
  • Hematology,
  • Histopathology Techniques


Title of article Name of journal Year of publica tion List of authors
Study of endometrial pathology in abnormal uterine bleeding. International journal of scientific reserch 2014 Shilpa MD, Subramanya
Pregnancy Associated Breast Carcinoma: A Diagnostic Dilemma. International Journal of Recent Scientific Research 2015 Shilpa, Vikranth SN, Suresh TN, Mohan Kumar K.
Leishman-Giemsa Cocktail - Is it an Effective Stain for Air Dried Cytology Smears. Journal of clinical & diagnostic research 2017 Shilpa MD, Hemalatha A, Prasad CSBR
Epidermoid cyst of breast – a common benign lesion, in an uncommon site. International Journal of health & Scientific Research. 2017 Reddy CC, Shilpa MD, Sreeramulu PN, Prasad CSBR.
Changes in Hematological Parameters in Newborns Born to Preeclamptic Mothers - A Case Control Study in a Rural Hospital. Journal of clinical & diagnostic research 2017 Mouna K, Shilpa MD, Krishnappa J, Latha K.
Significance of grading of adenomyosis in hysterectomy specimens -A two year study International journal of Scientific Research 2017 Shilpa MD, Kalyani R, Mannan SB
Cutaneous metastasis from head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: A report of 2 cases. International journal of Scientific Research 2018 Argha A, Shilpa MD, Suresh TN, Azeem M.
Primary squamous cell carcinoma of renal pelvis masqureding as xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis. National journal of laboratory medicine 2018 Doddagowda SM, Raju K, Sreeramulu, Manjunath GN.
Histomorphological study of chorionic villi In products of conception following first trimester abortions. Pathology Update: Tropical Journal of Pathology & Microbiology 2018 Shilpa MD, Supreetha MS, Varshashree.
Follicular variant of primary Cutaneous follicle centre lymphoma of infraorbital region. Indian journal of research 2018 Narayana L, Mohiyuddin A, Shilpa MD, Jyothi D
Ovarian Tuberculosis masquerading as malignancy - Case report of 2 cases with review of literature. J Clin Biomed Sci 2018 Shilpa M D, T N Suresh, Kalyani R.
Clinico-etiological profile of the neonates with thrombocytopenia admitted to NICU in a rural hospital - A cross sectional study. MedPulse International Journal of Pathology 2019 Shilpa M D, Chaithanya M.
Acute Endomyometritis with Adenomyosis of Uterus- A Rare Case Report. National Journal of Laboratory medicine 2020 Shilpa MD, Kalyani R, Gomathy, Preethi U
Prognostic value of pre-treatment routine haematological parameters in breast carcinoma: Advantageous or deleterious? Biomed Research & Theraphy 2020 Shilpa MD, Kalyani R, Sreeramulu PN.
Morphological and Immunohistochemical Categorization of Malignant Lymphomas Indian Journal of Pathology: Research & Practice 2020 Roopa A.N, Shameem Shariff, Amita K, Shilpa MD.
Synchronous presentation of gastrointestinal stromal tumour of stomach and neuroendocrine tumour of Jejunum as acute intestinal obstruction. Journal of Clinical & Biomedical Sciences 2020 Manjula K, Kalyani R, Shilpa MD, Mohan Kumar K
Carcinoma Rectum with Prostate and Urinary Bladder Metastasis- A Rare Case Report. Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research 2021 Sowjanya Lakshmi R, Shilpa MD, Kalyani R, Abhay K.
Analysis of Key Performance Quality Indicators In Histopathology Laboratory. International Journal of Med Sci Current Research 2022 Shilpa MD, Kumar V, Suresh TN
Idiopathic Calcinosis Cutis Masqureding as Malignancy-The Mystery of Two cases revealed on cytology. Journal of Clin Biomed Sci 2022 Shilpa MD, Harendra kumar ML, Dave P. J
Histomorphological spectrum of gastrointestinal stromal tumors: An institutional experience. Int J Res Med Sci 2023 Nagaraju V, Doddagowda SM, Anantharamiah H, Kumar MLH, Sreeramulu PN
Immunohistochemical Expression of Alpha Smooth Muscle Actin in Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma of Breast and its Association with Histopathological and Hormonal Status: A Cross sectional Study. J Clin Diag Resea 2023 NagarajuV , Doddagowda SM , Sunanda SM , Annantharamaiah H , Raju K , Sreeramulu PN.
Thyroid malignancy mimicking as acute thyroiditis: A Pandora's box on cytology. J Krishna Inst Med Sci Univ 2023 2023 Vajja N, Doddagowda SM, Kalyani R, Manjunath GN

Student Projects

  • Changes in Hematological Parameters in Newborns Born to Preeclamptic Mothers - A Case Control Study in a Rural Hospital.
  • Awareness and knowledge about cervical cancer and Pap smear test among nursing staff at a rural tertiary care hospital
  • To evaluate the efficacy of an eco-friendly natural substitutes for formalin in routine histopathology
  • Outcome of surgery in locally advanced oral carcinoma among non-responders to neoadjuvant chemotheraphy
  • A comparative study of peripheral smear findings with RBC indices & automated analyser generated RBC histograms in diagnosis of Anemias

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