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Dr.Pradeep TS

Associate Professor

Academic Qualifications: MBBS, MD

SL NO Degree Specialization Institute Year of passing
1 MBBS - SDM Medical college , Dharwar 2005
2 MD Community Medicine JSS Medical College , Mysuru 2017


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
MVJ Medical college and Research Center, Bangalore Asst. Prof Teaching, 2017-2018
SDUMC Asst. Prof Teaching, Clinical, Research 2018-2023
SDUMC Assoc. Prof. Administrative, Teaching, Clinical, Research 2023- till date


  • Director Student welfare , NAAC V criterion Incharge(University IQAC)


Name of project List of researchers ongoing / completed Funded / Non funded Funding agency Funds sanctioned
“Does Vitamin D3 supplementation improve the Depression scores among rural adolescents? A randomized control trial” Mr. Ravi Shankar, Assistant Professor ,Department of Community medicine (Statistics) Dr Susanna T Y ,Associate professor, Department of Biochemistry Dr.Sudha Reddy.V.R, Professor & HoD, Department of Pediatrics Dr Navya , Assistant Professor, Department Ongoing Funded SDUAHER Rs.6,12,000/-
Where does Artificial Intelligence (AI) based mobile tool stand in dermatological diagnosis? A cross sectional; study Dr.T.S.RAJASHEKAR, Prof and Hod, Department of Dermatology Dr.SURESH KUMAR.K, Assistant Professor ,Department of Dermatology Dr.Supreetha, Assistant Professor , Department of Pathology Mr Ravi Shankar, Assistant Professor, Department of Community medicine(Statistics) Ongoing Funded SDUAHER Rs.3,66,270


Title of article Name of journal Year of publication List of authors
Hypertension and QOL among rural elderly IJCMPH 2017 Satyanarayana, PT; Chikkegowda, LK;
Change in knowledge, attitude and practice regarding anaemia among high school girls in rural Bangalore: An health educational interventional study NJCM 2017 Satyanarayana, Pradeep Tarikere; Prakash, B; Kulkarni, Praveen; Kishor, M; Renuka, M;
A comparative study of prevalence of mental abnormalities among high school children in tribal, rural and urban Mysuru district, Karnataka, India IJCMPH 2017 Chaluvaraj, Talakad Shesha Iyengar; Satyanarayana, Pradeep Tarikere
Does Type II Diabetics compromise QOL among Rural Elderly? A community Based Cross sectional study in Rural Bangalore NJRCM 2017 Satyanarayana, Pradeep Tarikere; Madhukumar, Suwarna;
Who copes up well?–comparative assessment among urban, rural and tribal school children in Mysore district, Karnataka NJCM 2017 Prakash, B; TS, Pradeep; Kulkarni, Praveen; Murthy, MR Narayana;
Sociodemographic and healthcare profile of tribal people in Bandipur tiger reserve area, Mysore, Karnataka, India IJCMPH 2017 Siddalingappa, Hugara; Hoogar, Varsha; Kumar, SD; Pradeep, TS; Renuka, M;
A comparative study of the quality of sleep in patients in the ward: Pre and postsurgery in a tertiary care hospital in South India S. N. Muller Journal of Medical Sciences and Research 2018 Prakruthi, Suhas Chandran Pradeep;
Empowerment and Reproductive Women: An Exploratory Research NJCM 2018 krishnaveni, pradeep vidya;
Factors Affecting Mental Abnormalities among High School Children in Tribal, Rural and Urban Mysuru, Karnataka NJCM 2018 Pradeep S Tarikere, Prakash B, Praveen Kulkarni, Narayana Murthy;
Predictors of three-month hospital readmissions and mortality in patients with cirrhosis of liver Euroasian Journal of Hepato-Gastroenterology 2019 Lavekar, Anurag; Satyanarayana, Pradeep Tarikere; Lavekar,
Walk with mobile app to fight depression: An interventional study IJHAS 2019 Satyanarayana, Pradeep Tarikere; Chandran, Suhas
Evaluation of availability and utilization of obstetric care services and entitlements under Janani Suraksha Yojana in Mysore, India IJCMPH 2018 Hugara Siddalingappaa, Narayana Murthy M. R, Maya Mascarenhas3, Varsha Hoogar, Pradeep T. S., Sulekha T., Prem K. Mony;
Validation of track and act online developmental screening tool: a pilot study International Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics 2019 Shilpa Hegde, Mona Gajre, Pradeep T. S., Suhasee Bongade;
Perception and satisfaction regarding breast feeding among breast feeding mothers: a hospital based study International Journal of Reproduction, Contraception, Obstetrics and Gynecology 2021 Vimarshitha Prakash , Sheela S. R. , Krithika Raj, Pradeep Tarikere Satyanarayana;
COVID 19 Pandemic: What is it Teaching? JCBS 2020 Satyanarayana, Pradeep Tarikere;
Stress, anxiety, work-related burnout among primary health care worker: a community based cross sectional study in Kolar JFMPC 2022 Pulagam, Praveenya; Satyanarayana, Pradeep Tarikere;
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Adolescent Girls Infected with COVID-19: A Cross-Sectional Study JIACAM 2022 Suresh, Anandu; Shivanna, Sindhu Shankar; Satyanarayana, Pradeep Tarikere;
Vaccine hesitancy towards COVID vaccine among unvaccinated frontline health care workers working in a designated COVID care center: A cross-sectional study JFMPC 2022 Shankar, Sindhu S; Suresh, Anandu; Satyanarayana, Pradeep T;
Mini international neuropsychiatry interview kid or child posttraumatic stress disorder symptom scale 5I for posttraumatic stress disorder among adolescent girls infected with COVID-19 IJPH 2022 Suresh, Anandu; Shankar, Sindhu; Satyanarayana, Pradeep Tarikere;
A study to assess the prevalence of dyspepsia among undergraduate medical students of a rural medical college-A cross sectional study. NJCM 2019 Chaluvaraj, Talakad Shesha Iyengar; Lokesh, KC; Satyanarayana, Pradeep Tarikere;
Is Sunshine Vitamin Related to Adolescent Depression? A Cross-Sectional Study of Vitamin D Status and Depression Among Rural Adolescents Cureus 2023 Satyanarayana, Pradeep Tarikere; Suryanarayana, Ravishankar; Yesupatham, Susanna Theophilus; Reddy, Sudha; Reddy, Navya; Pradeep, TS;
Stress, Depression and Coping in Tuberculosis Patients-A Hospital Based Study NJCM 2022 Rajeev, Harikrishna; Satyanarayana, Pradeep Tarikere;


4 completed ICMR-STS
  • Stress, anxiety, work-related burnout among primary health care worker: a community based cross sectional study in Kolar
  • Community Attitude towards Mental Illness – Community Based Cross sectional study
  • Stress, Depression and Coping in Tuberculosis Patients-A Hospital Based Study
  • Premenstrual tension , Anxiety and Depression among menstruating rural adolescent girls – A cross sectional study

Books 2 ( Lambert Book Publishers)

  • SIAS : Stress Internet Addiction and Sleep among adolescence
  • Do we care adolescence? Mental health abnormalities and Coping strategies among urban , rural and tribal adolescents –A cross sectional study

Chapter in various Books

  • Perception and satisfaction regarding breast feeding among breast feeding mothers: a hospital based study
  • COVID anxiety and Mental health repercussions among FLHCWs working in a COVID care center: A cross sectional study
  • Unintentional injuries among under 5 children in rural households : A cross sectional study

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