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Dr. Munilakshmi U

Assistant Professor

Academic Qualifications: MBBS, MD

SL NO Degree Specialization Institute Year of passing
1 MSc Medical Biochemistry Sri Venkteswara Institute of Medical Sciences (SVIMS), Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 2006
2 PhD Medical Biochemistry Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College (SDUMC), Kolar, Karnataka 2017

Additional qualifications / training

  • Established Fluorosis Research and Referral Lab (FRRL) at Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Kolar; recognized as University Centre of Excellence by SDUAHER
  • Three Newspaper articles published in state/ national newspapers regarding non skeletal fluorosis and progress of Fluorosis Research and Referral Laboratory
  • Conducted School fluorosis awareness camp as community outreach program and analyzed around 390 urine fluoride of the children attending the camp
  • Appreciation letters received in conducting the School Health Program on Fluorosis from
    • SVV high School, Nangli
    • Narayan PU College, Kolar
    • Govt. Girls High school, Kolar
    • SFS Pre University College, Kolar
  • Created FRRL YouTube channel and uploaded the webinars conducted in the department: 
  • Trained in Internal Auditor & Quality Management Systems Certificate course (4 days) as per ISO 15189:2008 & 2012 conducted by Quality Council of India, NABET from 25th to 28th April 2016
  • Reviewer and Editorial Board Member for various National & International Journals
  • Membership of the International Society for Fluoride Research


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Narayana Medical College Tutor Teaching 2006-2010
SDUMC Tutor/ Lecturer Teaching, Clinical, Research, Diagnostics & Administration 2016- 2019
SDUMC Assistant Professor Teaching, Clinical, Research, Diagnostics & Administration 2019- till Date


  • Teaching to I MBBS Students and Allied Health Sciences courses
  • Student’s assessment and evaluation.
  • Assist in consultancy and R& D services.
  • Develop resource material and laboratory development.
  • Departmental Criterion VI Incharge
  • Rotational postings I/c in Biochemistry section, Central Diagnostic laboratory Services (CDLS)
  • Assistant Quality Manager, CDLS
  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • As a Department Registrar, assist in department administration.
  • Member of Institutional Ethics Committee
  • Assist in arrangement of guest lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences etc
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the reporting authority.


Name of project List of researchers ongoing / completed Funded / Non funded Funding agency Funds sanctioned
Herpes simplex virus Encephalitis detection by PCR and Serology in RL Jalappa Hospital, Constituent of Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, a Unit of SDUAHER, Kolar. Dr. Namitha Dr. Arvind Dr. Sudha Reddy Dr. Raveesha A Dr. Sunil BN Dr. Munilakshmi U On going Funded SDUAHER 2,00000.00
Comparison of nutritional approaches of Ayurveda and modern nutrition with the biochemical parameters of young women with PCOS Dr. Madhavi Reddy Dr. Munilakshmi U On going Funded SDUAHER 9,85520.00
To find association of Fluoride in Diabetes Type 2 and its Microvascular Complications. A Tertiary Care Rural Hospital Case Control Study. Dr.K.N.Shashidhar Dr.Deena Mendez Dr.Munilakshmi.U Dr.A.V.M. Kutty Dr. Raveesha Completed Funded SDUAHER 1,80000.00
Is there a link between Interlekin-6, Vitamin D, and depression? a cross- sectional study among nursing students at a tertiary care centre in kolar Dr.Ruthu Sneha C Dr.Purushotham A Dr.Mohan Reddy M Dr.Munilakshmi.U Mr. Yadla Visha Sree On going Funded SDUAHER 2,00000.00
Investigating Occupational Stress and Burnout among Doctors in a Tertiary Care Rural Medical College: A Cross Sectional Study Dr. Mohan Reddy M Dr. Ruth Sneha, Dr. Purushotham A Mr. Yadla Vishwa Sree On going Funded SDUAHER 2,00000.00


  • Biomarkers, Oxidative Stress parameters in Diabetes Mellitus and in Acute Kidney Injury


Title of article Name of journal Year of publication List of authors
Efficacy of LMS for teaching biochemistry to medical students in India during the CoVid-19 pandemic Bio information 19(8): 840-843 (2023) 2023 KN Shashidhar, Munilakshmi U Harish R
Changes in diabetic and renal profile of people exposed to fluoride in south India Bioinformation. 2022; 18(9): 820-824 2022 KN Shashidhar, Munilakshmi U Sai Deepika R Deena Mendez Raveesha A
Estimation of Serum Fluoride and Renal Parameters in Diabetic Nephropathy- A Facility Based Observational Case Control Study Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal 2020 1 Mohan Krishna, 2 Munilakshmi. U, 2 Saideepika. R, 2 Shashidhar K.N 2 Bhuneswar Yadav
Gender specific utility of lipid ratios and its correlation with systemic inflammation in acute myocardial infarction (AMI) patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus – A hospital based study International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Research, 2018;5(4):588-593 2018 1Susanna.T.Y 1Munilakshmi.U 1Shashidhar Krupad Nagaraj 2Lakshmaiah Venkataswami
Preanalytical variables and its impact on total quality management of clinical biochemistry laboratory- A tertiary referral rural hospital study International Journal of clinical Biochemistry and Research 2018 1Munilakshmi. U 1Shashidhar K.N 1Susanna. TY
To Estimate the level of Oxidative stress parameter among Diabetic persons with Squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavity: A Case Control Study American Journal of Cancer Research and Reviews 2018 1Shashidhar K.N 2Harsith Gowda 1Munilakshmi. U 3Hemalatha. A 4Vinay Babu. S
Small antioxidant molecules and their importance in acute kidney injury European journal of Pharmaceutical and the Medical Research. 2017;4(9): 793-800 2017 1Munilakshmi. U 1K.N. Shashidhar 2Muninarayana C 3Madhavi Reddy, 3V.Lakshmaiah
Expediency of Markers for Early Detection of AKI Sequence to T2DM Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and clinical research 2016;9(4):1-5 2017 1Munilakshmi. U 1K.N. Shashidhar 2Muninarayana C 3Madhavi Reddy, 3V.Lakshmaiah
Correlation of blood uric acid with urinary albumin creatinine ratio in hypertension and diabetic nephropathy. Apollo Medicine. 2016; 13(1):24-30. 2016 1K.N. Shashidhar, 1U.Munilakshmi, 1K Prabhavathi, 2V. Lakshmaiah. 3Madhavi Reddy
Association of serum uric acid with anthropometric, HbA1C and Lipid Profile in Diabetic retinopathy   Journal of Current research and review 2015; 7(4):20-26 2015 Munilakshmi. U, Dr.Prabhavathi.K, Dr.Shashidhar.K.N, Dr.Madhavi Reddy, Dr.Lakshmaiah.V.
Correlation between fasting Insulin and blood pressure in obese and non-obese middle aged Indian Diabetic adults International Journal of Multidesciplinary Research and Development 2015 1Raja Reddy P, 2Lakshmaiah V, 1Karthiyanee Kutty 3Madhavi Reddy 4Munilakshmi U
Association of Serum Uric acid with anthropometric, HbA1c and Lipid profile in Diabetic Retinopathy International Journal of Current research and review 2015:7(4):20-26 2015 1Munilakshmi U, 1Prabhavathi K 1Shashidhar K.N, 2Madhavi Reddy, 3Lakshmaiah V
Biochemical evaluation, anthropometric Measurements in assessment of Microvascular complications in females With type-2 diabetes mellitus Asian Journal of Medical Science, 2014;5 (International online Journal-10/2013l) 2014 Munilakshmi U, Shashidhar K.N, Harish R, Madhavi Reddy, Lakshmaiah V.
Evaluation of HbA1C, Fasting insulin and lipid profile in the assessment of Diabetic Nephropathy in Type 2 diabetes Mellitus In Males- A rural Hospital Study International Journal of Biochemistry 2014;195:352-360 2014 Munilakshmi. U, Shashidhar K.N, Harish R, Madhavi Reddy, Lakshmaiah. V
Comparison of point of care testing of Glucose by B Braun Glucometer and Hemocue 201+ analyzer Versus Centralised testing in NICU of a tertiary care hospital. Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research 2014;8 (7):10-13. 2014 Sudha Reddy, Sumathi.M.E, Beere Gowda, Mohammad Sohail.
Anthropometric and Biochemical Markers to assess the risk factors for Metabolic syndrome in South Non-diabetic rural population. International Journal of Medicine 2014; 103:179-186.   2014 Munilakshmi, Madhavi Reddy, Raja Reddy, Lakshmaiah.V
Is Homa-IR a determinant in Assessing age related Insulin sensitivity? Asian Academic Research Journal of Multidisciplinary, 2014;1(22):504-516.   2014 Munilakshmi.U Dr.Shashidhar.K.N, Dr. Sumathi.M.E, Dr.Madhavi Reddy, Dr.Lakshmaiah.V, Dr.Mahesh.V.
Grain and Milling Quality of Barley and Their Suitability for Preparation of Traditional South Indian Product.   IOSR Journal of Pharmacy 2014; 2:23-27.     2014 Munilakshmi.U, Madhavi Reddy.M, Raja Reddy.P, Raghavendra Prasad BN
A Gender based case control study of Anthropometric and renal profile in rural diabetic population IOSR Journal of Pharmacy 2014; 4(2):06-11.   2014 Munilakshmi.U, Susanna.T.Y, Shashdhar.K.N, Madhavi Reddy. Lakshmiah.V, Ravishankar S

Text Book Published

Sl. No. Title of the Book Author Co authors Year of publications Published by ISBN DOI
1. Biomarkers and oxidative stress parameters in T2DM and acute kidney injury Dr.Munilakshmi U Dr. Shashidhar K N, Dr. Lakshmaiah V, Dr. Muninarayana C, Dr. Madhavi Reddy. January2020 Innovation infoe Books 978-1-63278-984-6 10.4172/978-1-63278-984-6


Sl. No. Title Moderator Student STS Reference ID
1. Study of fluoride and thyroid profile status in pregnancy of second trimester Dr.Munilakshmi U Ms. Saakshi Bohra 2023-01180

Chapter in Book Accepted for Publication

Sl. No. Chapter in Book Authors Year Name of the Book
1. Estimation of Serum Fluoride and Renal Parameters in Diabetic Nephropathy- A Facility Based Observational Case Control Study Mohan Krishna, Munilakshmi. U, Saideepikas. R, Shashidhar K.N Bhuneswar Yadav 2023 BP international; BP publishers

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